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Peering Update for ProVision

Post on April 08, 2014 by Pete Sclafani

It’s been in progress for a while – but here is the official update for those that haven’t heard. Peering 3.0 is officially in alpha testing and getting feedback from customers. We took a whole new approach to the Peering functionality along with even tighter integration of the various objects…

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Cloud-Based IPAM Solutions: The Coming Thing

Post on June 18, 2013 by Pete Sclafani

Internet Protocol Address Management (IPAM) has emerged as the most important function of network management for service providers and enterprises alike. The reasons are pretty simple: Internet usage is exploding, the number of online devices is multiplying wildly, and each one needs an IP address, which is the key to…

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8 Things to Look for in an Automated Network Provisioning System

Post on June 16, 2013 by Pete Sclafani

If you’re an operator or an administrator and you work in the trenches, you’re probably already well aware that something’s gotta give on the network management and provisioning front.   At this point, trying to keep up with all the adds, deletes and changes using a manual, spreadsheet-based system is like…

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13 Benefits of an Automated Network Provisioning System

Post on June 14, 2013 by Pete Sclafani
automated network provisioning benefits

Manual, spreadsheet-based provisioning focused on individual, vendor-specific network elements simply can’t keep up with the proliferation of new devices and the dynamic nature of today’s networks. An automated provisioning and control platform in contrast, reduces network complexity and integrates the entire provisioning process—including IP address assignment, DHCP and DNS configuration….

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Three Major Network Provisioning Challenges Facing Service Providers

Post on June 12, 2013 by Pete Sclafani
networking provisioning service providers

Businesses’ and consumers’ growing dependence on the network, the rise of mobile computing, virtualization, dual stack networks and the demand for more and better Cloud-based services, have combined to present service providers with three major challenges: ensuring service quality; adding new, revenue-generating mobile and managed services, and preparing for accelerated…

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Five Trends Contributing to Network Complexity

Post on June 10, 2013 by Pete Sclafani
Network Complexity

IP networks and what it takes to manage them have become much more complex during the past several years, and this process continues to gather speed.  Here are five business and technology trends that will drive still greater levels of complexity over the next few years: Greater commercial dependence on…

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Six Critical Ways Software Can Automate Network Management

Post on June 04, 2013 by Pete Sclafani
Automate Network Provisioning

Faced with new demands for virtualization, cloud-based computing, exploding mobile data and smart device growth, service providers have outgrown the manual spreadsheets and proprietary vendor appliances they’ve historically relied on to provision their networks. These approaches are much too time consuming, too piecemeal and too error prone to permit network…

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IPAM Solution Shootout: Appliances vs. the Cloud

Post on June 02, 2013 by Pete Sclafani
IPAM solution cloud computing

Enterprises that still manage their IP addresses manually, using spreadsheets and the like, can reduce network complexity, improve service levels and greatly increase the productivity of their network administrators by automating their IP address management, But are they better off rolling out an appliance-based IP address management (IPAM) system or…

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Five Excellent Reasons Why Automated IP Management Is No Longer Optional

Post on May 29, 2013 by Pete Sclafani

  If you’re a network manager and you work in the trenches, you probably are already well aware that something has got to give on the IP management front.   At this point, trying to keep up with all the adds, deletes, and changes using a manual, spreadsheet-based system is like…

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IPAM Appliances? Seven Reasons Why Software-based Provisioning Is Better

Post on May 27, 2013 by Pete Sclafani
ipam appliances automated provision

If you’re a service provider in the market for an automated IPAM solution, one fundamental decision that your network managers must make is whether to deploy hardware-based IPAM appliances or implement a pure software-based provisioning solution. The IPAM appliance makers would have you believe that a hardware-based system is more…

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